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But things like this out of my control. I didn't even know itch had a client.

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I'll have akabur game update the android version I guess. I'll look into it. Thank you for the report. Thank you so much! I spend countless hours on creating this stuff so it means a lot to me to know that it's not for nothing. I'm happy you enjoy my work.

And positive feedback motivates me to be more productive. So it'a a win-win for everyone. Episode 11 is on the final stages of production. It will be a special one. Make sure not to miss it :. As usual it's ready when it's ready. All you need to do is delete your old game and download the newer version. This won't affect your save data since it's being stored akabur game of the game files.

Sorry I don't do characters I am not familiar with. Not because I am jackass but because without having a good knowledge of the character I won't be able to do he justice. Keep playing my games :. I don't really do popular anime characters like that. I tend to be more interested in forgotten girls from the bygone era.

But that was a great show and she was a great bitch. Maybe creating a short stand alone thing like I did with Mating Season would work for her. I'll think about it. Realistically speaking though don't expect anything soon. This is actually something I could do. But she is not in the plans. Maybe after I add all the other girls that I have on my personal list I could move on to her. But no promises. But I like that character :.

Non very familiar with the show, but your post has been noted. I'll let the idea stew in the back of my mind for a while. As for the rest of the shows you've mentioned I also can't promise anything since the girls in those shows don't interest me personally and I can't pretend that I like the akabur game when I actually don't. Only professionals are capable of such feats.

I'm happy you were able to figure it out. To be honest first episodes of the game can get a bit convoluted. I have that damn window when I play on my phone. There is a way to turn it off but I have no clue how.

I hear you and I see where you're coming from. But I hope you understand your opinion is just that - your own outlook on this. Everyone has their own view. Plenty of people enjoyed Ep Me included, working with the PT characters was fun for me. Don't worry though Ep10 was a one time thing.

I honestly don't see how it wasn't obvious. Not very long. Also takes almost zero effort. Like everything in life really: I just wish it and it pops right into existence. Take a guess No seriously, humor me: try and guess why may that be.

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I'll even give you hint: it's the same reason I don't release a new episode every week. Yeah, that's what Kryphon said. You need to install the version first. Don't worry it shouldn't affect your saves. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. More Block. Creator of. Add to collection. Witch Trainer. Witch Trainer as it was released originally back in the day. Give this game a try. I hear it's decent :. The Mating Season. A whole love-story about a akabur game, for turtles and akabur game rat.

Star Channel This download contains ALL the current episodes. You could try downloading without the client maybe? Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks, bros. Both Iris and April's outfits should unlock upon completing the episode. No and no. Also Magic Shop is dead just like all my hopes and dreams. Well, I'm glad you were able to figure it out. I honestly don't remember. What does it say in the description? Episode 11 will be the best thing ever, obviously. If all goes well Jasmine will finally start moving towards being a proper whore in SC34 soon.

I thought about that :. Step 1: You delete the old version of the game. Step 2: You install the new version of the game. Step 3: Call your mom and say hi from me. In in the works. Will be a while. I shall consider it.

Avatar if popular enough already.

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And people constantly asking about that show's gilrs is a proof of that. Chapter 10 is just not so good

Akabur game

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