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My experience with Bedroom Battle comes from being both a supporter on Kickstarter, as a play tester for the final release, and as a current player.

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The game offers couples a fun, safe, and entertaining way to spice up their intimate activities, while helping foster greater communication. As an added point of interest, rewards and challenges are all written in such a way that any gender or orientation can play fully. Additionally a variety of sexual interests are touched upon, including light BDSM play, anal and oral, and toy play, and exhibitionism. The game itself is card based, at the beginning of the game your partner and self set aside a series of reward cards, either randomly or selectively, to compete for.

The amount of reward cards selected directly impacts the length of the game5 or so could easily run a half hour, while 12 could run for two.

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In total there are 20 small reward cars, 30 hot reward cards, and battle sex game final reward cards. With three challenges per reward card that is different challenges, leaving a great deal of room for replay. Each round you take turns playing battlecards against one another in the attempt to win the round and the reward. Play is very simple focusing on characters and modifiers, the goal being to have the sexiest character at the end of the round. Of course bear in mind, the goal shouldn't be to win every round, but to focus on rewards that are particularly compelling as card management can become difficult if a player attempts to win every round.

Upon completion of the reward, a new reward is presented and play s. This process repeating until the final reward is reached. Reward cards vary in intensity from small rewards to hot rewards and the final reward, which generally involves climax.

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Each reward card itself offers three rewards to choose from. For example, one small reward requires the opponent to kiss in you in three different ways of their choosing, although you could also opt on the same card to have your opponent clean in the nude for five minutes or they could allow you to pose them any way you choose for five minutes.

Hot rewards are considerably more intense often focusing on genital stimulation, one reward card for instance allows the winner to choose whether they give or receive oral sex for three minutes, or they could choose to whip or be whipped by their opponent, in a particular location for a fixed of times, or alternatively, allow the opponent to play with the winners genitals with an object of their choice for minutes.

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Final rewards are intended for the final round of the game as they often are expected to end in climax, for example, perform oral sex on each other until climax, or in an exposed area, have sex with one another, or as the third option, attempt to have a simultaneously orgasm with one another.

The game is spectacularly deed and is fun, simple and engaging to play. While not as simplistic as "love dice", it allows for couples to bond, learn about and from each other and of course have some fun along the way. Read full review. I got this game for my boyfriend and I to play. We played it over the weekend and we had so much fun. The instructions seemed a bit complicated at first so we kinda made our own rules and it was a success.

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I recommend this game for anyone who is looking to spice things up in the bedroom. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New. I was expecting it very much but felt that the rules were a bit too complicated and each game round too long. Didn't feel there was any use of astrategy Will probably try to play it again different rules and see how it goes. About this product. Product Key Features Chipset Manufacturer.

Show More Show Less. More items related to this product. EUR EUR 1, EUR 2, You may also like.

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Ethernet Female Computer Coupling Connectors. Ratings and Reviews. Most relevant reviews. Simply the best couples game in existence.

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Read full review Verified purchase: No. Love it! Unfortunatly didnt enjoy the game

Battle sex game

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Sexial Battle