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How times have changed. Not so breeding games pc ago, the smug self-righteous PC gamer could turn to any scabby-kneed console-owning urchin and reel his way through a list of first-person shooters in the certainty of proving that when it came to quality gaming, the PC was the best machine for the job.

It matters not that Halo was only temporarily rerouted to Microsoft's Xbox, the point is that, in the main, console EPSs can be every bit as exciting and unique as those that regularly inhabit our PCs, in spite of the obvious control shortcomings. In an effort to curb this rising menace to PC dominance, the more desperate among the games fraternity have been for the past year proclaiming Breed as the new Halo: On the face of it, there are many similarities: a relentless alien menace intent on wiping out mankind, an elite band of genetically-engineered super soldiers standing resolutely against them with various small arms, tanks and aircraft at their disposal, not to mention a 3D engine that allows for some frantic action across expansive horizons.

However while the Brats have made it their aim to go a step beyond Halo in certain areas. Breed also, appears to be very much its own game; freer in its level de and with a cut-down tactical element that makes it a very different prospect from the long-awaited PC incarnation of Halo. Unashamedly, Brat Des has had to work on the cheap and it is evident that considerable savings have been made in the storyline department.

After a particularly irritating brace of tutorial missions, the game proper begins with your squad aboard a dropship hurtling towards the Azores. Rather than a slow stealthy search, the mission soon turns into a breakneck series of intense skirmishes, with artillery breeding games pc pounding you from afar and enemy fighters circling the sky.

Yet being so large, the maps always offer scope for finding your own method of success: breeding games pc the high ground and snipe away, sneak through the valleys or search for some abandoned vehicles and make an assault head-on. By far the most imposing infantry weapon in the game, the Atrocity even scythes through trees in order to lay waste to the advancing hordes.

If only they sold them in Argos. Although each weapon boasts an alternate firing mode, only two weapons can be equipped by a marine at a time -presumably to entice you into using your squad properly and not treating them as extra lives. Most of the weapons, it must be said, are pretty formulaic - even the Breed arms that become available later -but we were impressed with the standardissue binoculars with which each GRUNT is equipped.

Invaluable when scouting ahead, they also automatically adjust magnification depending on what you are looking at, rather than having to manually zoom in and out. A neat touch. Unlike more realistic squad-based shooters, Breed issues you with a preordained squad. Losing team mates is no big deal since being genetically brewed from fleshy tea-bags, GRUNTS can be replaced cheaply and quickly - as long as one of your squaddies survives to fulfil the objectives, the next mission is unlocked and a full complement of men ased.

If you were hoping to be able to crawl along the grass telling your Al-assisted chums to rummage through their rucksacks, prepare yourself for a disappointment. Instead what Breed offers is instantaneous combat, with literally dozens of enemy Breed troopers coming at you at any ope time. Of course not all the missions are set on terra firma.

A couple put you in the seat of the Falcon Fighter, a VTOL craft equipped with a chaingun, dumbfire rockets, guided missiles and some rather tasty bombs. With other vehicles to drive, like APCs, buggies and tanks, Brat has very wisely adopted a streamlined control system in which the same keys you use to fight on foot are utilised when behind the wheel breeding games pc in the cockpit.

Like Battlefieldit is the aircraft that are the trickiest to master. The engine itself is pretty sound however. The ability to render such massive levels and countless units without so much as a hiccup is an impressive feat and, though at times the levels seem overly angular, in the heat of battle such complaints become quibbles.

The water reflections are quite beautiful and the vistas across snow-bound levels, particularly the weather effects, are magnificent. But the question remains: does Breed have the muscle to out-Halo Halo? Despite the expansive levels, the clever switch from and to space-based levels and squad-Wiltactics, our preliminary verdict has to be a negative. However with time to spare and with effort applied in the right places we can see ourselves eating our words.

Games like Tribes, Battlefield and, more recently, PlanetSide have already very successfully combined first-person and vehicle-based combat, yet none of these have been quite so impressive offline as they have been on. Our hope is that Breed will fill that gap and offer a decent multiplayer game to boot. Unfortunately for Breed, UT is about to come out with both vehicles and an updated Assault mode - see our preview 42 and our exclusive supplement mag ZX -so it may have had its niche gazumped.

However, most innovative of all are the planned mothership battles, which would see Breed and USC forces facing off across space with teams of infantry being ferried around to take breeding games pc the motherships from within. Desperate battles against aliens - who can resist them?

Certainly not Breed, which pitches you and your comrades against a nasty race that's occupied the Earth and left you struggling to wrest it back. After watching the long intro movie, you start off in a spaceship with a time limit, within which you must drive a tank into your dropship and then fly the thing out. Try not to get stuck on the scenery as this is an annoying way of dying and you'll be forced to watch the intro movie again. Once safely off the main ship, head your dropship towards the planet, after which you'll start to see some action. Once you've broken through the atmosphere, several enemy fighters swarm towards you.

Homing missiles are the best bet for this dogfight, but be sure to stay as clear of the island as possible, as the SAM silos on land are unerringly accurate. Backspace cycles through your targets, while pressing Control switches between land-based and airbased targets, so be sure to take these out before you land.

Once you're on solid land, drive the tank out and annihilate the ground forces - easily the best part of the demo. Your comrades arm the weapons and you're in control of the main gun - and although it's limited in ammo, it's a true force to be reckoned with.

After a while, you'll be forced to abandon your tank and continue on foot. Good luck. I Think we can allow ourselves a slightly embarrassed titter at this one, a game that we briefly tried to convince ourselves would be the UK's answer to Halo. Of course, as history records, it turned out to be the UK's answer to boiled monkey gon. Not worthy to lick the Flood-guts off Master Chief's boots, it is, however, a Halo-wannabe, replete with space marines, mountable vehicles and sprawling alien landscapes. Unfortunately, it has none of the polish, finesse or style that Bungie's masterpiece demonstrated.

Nor any of the fun, come to that. Basically, Breed looked cutting-edge for about 40 minutes three years ago. By the time it came out it was not only outdated, but riddled with bugs, shoddy programming and some of the worst voice acting ever recorded.

The squad Al is especially bad, causing your pals to commit suicide with alarming frequency. And while a fiver isn't that much to pay, a bad game is still a bad game.

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There Are many reasons why we're excited about this game. Rightly so as well, as Breed really does look like nothing else out there. The polygon count may not be huge, but there's a sense of grandeur to the game, with its vast and luxuriant environments and immense draw distances, that's difficult to match.

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But that's only one of the reasons we love this game. How about the gleeful way it blends genres?

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The mission-based structure takes you from squad-based tactical manoeuvres through vehicular action and space combat all the way back to trigger-happy gun-and-run carnage. It's got more original ideas than you'd expect from ten games. Tactical shooter of the year? You never know. Let's Face It, PC gamers are not known for being I the most formidable of foes when it comes to a ruck.

If you had to put money on an angry post-pub set-to between a clan of hardcore breeding games pc fraggers and your average women's hockey team, you'd really have to go for the short-haired lot with the sensible footwear. It's a heavy burden to have to carry through life, that's for sure. And if you think about it, it's probably the reason PC gamers are such a bitter, subversive lot when they get together online. Software piracy, illegal file-sharing networks, anti-corporate hacking - it all clearly stems from a deeply ingrained underdog mentality.

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It's not necessarily a bad thing of course, but it does mean that PC gamers love to see the little guy triumph once in a while. Bill Gates gets a pie in the face brilliant. Love it. The dotcom bubble bursts and bankrupts hundreds of smug teenage millionaires? Oh, shame snigger. The point is, if any of this nonsense is even vaguely true, you're going to love UK developer Brat Des and its debut title, Breed.

If ever there was a David and Goliath tale on the brink of being told in the games industry, it's this one. Here's the story so far Between them they boast more than 30 years experience in the biz. Their vision: to create a world-class game based on clever in-house technology, using minimal resources and a stripped down development team. Their secret: Mercury, a proprietary engine deed from the outset to be hugely flexible and fully scripted ie all game values can be viewed and altered via a spreheet, hence requiring no coding knowledge to add or alter game elementseffectively putting the power of development back breeding games pc the hands of the deers.

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Using the Mercury engine, Brat intends to show the world what a small, focused development team is capable of. Its first game, Breed, is a stunning sci-fi shooter, breeding games pc elements of squad-based strategy, space combat and vehicular action. The thing is, the game's almost finished we've played itand all of a sudden it looks like they've gone and pulled it off. It's not quite there yet, but it looks very much like somehow, a handful of modestly-funded UK developers have made a game that's going to put the big studios to absolute shame.

But before we get too excited, we'd better enlighten you a bit about the game itself. Or better yet, let our new pal Adam Perfect do it. He's the guy who's scripting all the missions on Breed, so you can blame him if they're not much fun. That's not going to happen. OK, just kidding. How about this game then? We've been through the whole don't compare us to Halo' thing.

Breeding games pc

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