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Are you 18 years of age or older? You like the game so much, you want to play it on day one. And want to know what you think of it. And you don't want nothing extra in return? Then this is the tier for you. Skip. We use cookies to improve your experience using this site. More information. MikeMasters is creating adult games. Select a membership level. You are part of this project now. Welcome in the club!

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Access to patron-only feed More previews than anyone else Wallpaper in 4K every month older version 7 days before public Guide available at the same day, for the same version of the game My undying thank you!!! Show more. Casual Player. All rewards Access to the newest version at the day of release Guide available at the same day or very soon after. Pro Player. All rewards But nothing extra. About MikeMasters. So when you college life adult game multiple versions of the game on your computer at the same time, it might cause unforeseen problems missing save files, animations not playing and who knows what.

Please, keep only one version of the game at the time. I started playing adult themed games about 10 years ago. Ever since I was little I wanted to develop a video games, but I never had the knowledge or the focus to follow my dream.

I always had my head filled with fantasies and ideas, but that's all it was. So I started to learn basics and progresively adding stuff which in game I am going to present you here. In a nutshell this game is sandbox rpg game in the college environment.

Ever expanding rpg system will give you opportunity to influence the world around you. It's all about choices and except the main quests you aren't forced to do anything. But you will get the option to do it all. You either have to walk back and forth on endless fetch quests or you have to college life adult game through pointless fights to get to desired scene. What I'm trying to do is to use the gameworld as a playground, where you can visit places and meet people.

And the just simply use your phone app to travel there instantly. But you have to meet the girls first to unlock their portrait. Now you don't have to run around and try to figure out, where the are. You may unlock some activites that will all you to better your avatar. For example visit gym to become stronger. These newly acquired skills will unlock new options at some situations allowing you to experience something not many people will see. Get to know the girls and develop your relationship with them. Each relationship has four levels and on each level you can do more with them.

There are reasons, why you go to this college. To say the least, he's not going there to find a girlfriend. But like in real life, he will meet people and some of them might get little closer to him. It's all up to you what will come out of these interactions.

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He might fall in love or stay alone. Or he might try to get them all If you don't like them, you can ignore them.

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They have their own daily routines and if you talk to them or do activities with them, you will improve your relationship with them. Meet shy Kara or teasing Jane. One will slowly open up to you the other may hop on you sooner than you think.

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Love them or hate them, but you will feel something for them. Moving goal This was about buying new graphic card, but I've done that back in Junebecause it was needed. I rent small room and live here for 8 years. It's cheap, but I can't live like that anymore, plus the electricity issue can be existential problem for this project in the future. Become a patron to Recent posts by MikeMasters.

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College life adult game

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