Cross dressing games

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of some games where you can make male characters with girl clothes. Saints Row 2 does. SR3 probably also does, but I've not played it. Gameplay wise Fable 2 is better than Fable 1 and Fable 3 was just sort of meh. You can safely skip Fable 1. I was kinda uncomfortable with the way they portrayed the crossdressing transgender? The one who lived in a cave. It was like some kind of mentally-ill caricature of a person.

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The gender-changing bonus at the end of the game was interesting, though. Excuse me but WHAT? You can't skip the first one it's the only fable game int he series that was ever good. The second one has you over powered and essentially invincible and probably the least interesting main story I've ever seen in a videogame.

I haven't played the third one so i have no opinions on that but it seems to me that as soon as it came out everyone stated forgetting how crap fable 2 was. In Skyrim you can change your sex with console commands after starting selection. The body changes but your head remains the original selection. This way you could make a male character with a female figure that can wear dresses, but at that point why not just make a female character?

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Fallout New Vegas allows you to wear Bonnets and other accessories, but main clothing lines are tied to gender choice. Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 allow the male protagonist to adorn female clothes. I loved that game. Dead Rising 1 even had a full mega man outfit that had a blaster with insane damage. If I'm not mistaken isn't it possible in fallout? Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender. A laughably enjoyable adventure game from Microprose.

I played it as a kid when it first came out.

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I got as far the the gender-bender section and stopped playing when i had to turn the character back to male. Dragons Dogma requires it in certain quests if you use male characters. Also this game is full of gay. And of course he can equip Ribbons--the only male character able to do so in any of the games he's in.

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I suppose WoW supports cross dressing. Little black dress and all, but it is only slightly there. Ultima online used to at least, but its been years since I played it.

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This is my go to outfit in WoW. So I would say yes it lets you Crossdress. And My main tanking set has a plate dress transmogrified for my tier gear. Games that let you cross-dress? Posted by 9 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Morrowind, Fable. I loved Morrowind Mount and Blade does.

At least Warband. Example Edit: Changed link from Steam screenshots to Imgur. The World Ends With You. Second life! It was pretty cool to see though back in Nothing of consequence. Yay for pally dresses! More posts from the transgamers community. Welcome to transgamers.

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Cross dressing games

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