Game hack bastards

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Forgot your password? There is a restriction for 1 USE per. So please note that if you purchase multiple products you should do it at once to take advantage. If you have any questions or concerns, please post in this thread below for support.

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It's been a while since our last update to the website in general. Reason being, we moved to a more discord oriented support system. That being said, i'll keep this simple and straight to the point. Over the course of the next few weeks we're going to be making changes to the forums in order to be more user game hack bastards and make it so our members get the support and the hacks they paid for.

As well as updating all thre related to the hacks we provide so everyone knows what exactly what they're paying for. We've been slacking for the summer and didn't do anything for the holidays as well. The Code is GHB Please make sure to report any issues you have as well as any input you can give so we can improve ourselves. If you're looking to our team all you need to do is apply in the application section.

We don't need it nor will we ask for any personal information. After digging down the code for the E-commerce plugin that the forum is using, i can hereby say that the issue is fixed. By UsmanAugust 28, in Tutorials. By BlackCipher1July 1 in Tutorials. By DevCityJuly 1 in Testimonial.

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Welcome, Guest. Existing user? in with Discord. The MatriX.

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Have fun streaming while cheating! Have a Payment Issue? Send us a Support ticket. Make a thread if you need support or our discord for live support. Have Suggestions?

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Make a thread and you'll earn Ghbsys Points for implemented suggestions. our discord to stay well connected! Don't forget to integrate your discord to the site. Start new topics and reply to others Subscribe to topics and forums to get updates Get your own profile and make new friends Send personal messages to other members. Guest Message by DevFuse. Happy Hacking. By Usman, August 24, Hello Everyone, It's been a while since our last update to the website in general.

Whats already done : The forums itself has been cleaned for all normal users. The forums and sections we've had before, for now, are all hidden. They will be moved and archived so users who wish to access them will still be able to. For now they're hidden and can't be accessed. We've finally integrated thread notification to discord. That means that once you've posted a SUPPORT thread in the correct sections of the forums, our moderators will be game hack bastards notified for a faster response.

For now we've allowed all users to view these thre so normal users experienced these issues and know the fix can help them if they're able to. Guid Resets will also be posted so we're able to fix them quickly. You're welcome. If you received a guid error we will check it out and reset accordingly. A Support Button on top of the header that will direct users to the necessary sections for correct support. Please use this to help yourselves so we can help you better. Shoutbox is removed until further notice.

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Users were asking for support in the shoutbox and couldn't receive it when it was missed or out of view. If you want support, you need to post a thread. What needs to be done: A LOT We're going to look into implementing a way for users to integrate with the community we've build for the last decade.

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That being said. We're going to have more events so all users can participate and earn VIP as well. The Code is GHB Please make sure to report any issues you have as well as any input you can give so we can improve ourselves. By ultra, July 26, Hello everyone, for the past few days we've gotten reports about the VIP shop being broken and users were unable to purchase the hacks.

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Game hack bastards

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