Gay furry text game

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Links and additional information can be accessed in the Site Information Forum. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Shahf the Wolfo Active Member. It's available on telegram and discord, and we've put a lot of work into them so thought it'd be nice to share with all you lovely furs We've just released our newest game: The Hound and the Fox! Here are the links! Website: furrytextadventures. Also, it has NSFW content so keep that in mind :3 Any feedback on the games and players is to be appreciated and we also have a Patreon and Twitter!

Last edited: Jul 4, Cyanomega Well-Known Member. Hey Shahf, as someone who grew up with text adventures and point and click adventure games, this seems awesome and I'll check it out. Best of luck. Cyanomega said:. Shahf the Wolfo said:.

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Oh thank you! That means so much, it's a little more than NSFW content, but as you can guess it's a bit of a focal point. Best of luck!

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Oh myyyyyy! I'm a fan of these! Unless I'm confusing these with Virtual Novels, but they sound so alikeeee. Sounds like something I would give a gay furry text game Faustus Well-Known Member. Will check this out later. I've always been a fan of text adventures, smut or not. I started writing one of these once, but it died the death due to lack of interest. Maybe it's time to resurrect it. Oh, I meant to ask! What system are you using? I'm a fan of Inform myself. Faustus said:. Fair enough. I mean, text adventure parsers are pretty simple, and these days you could use natural language parsing technology to improve matters somewhat.

I like Inform myself because it lets me develop for multiple platforms simultaneously, and it's very customisable. Also the editor has a lot of really useful features deed specifically for interactive fiction. A lot of people are using web technologies like HTML5 to achieve multi-platform. Sorry, I don't want to take over your thread, I'll comment on the game as soon as I have the time spare to actually play it, but if you'd like to discuss the technology behind it or de patterns for play and things like that, feel free to drop me a message!

Ok my thoughts: this isn't what I call a text adventure game - it's a choose-your-own-adventure game. These aren't really my kind of thing. Games like 'Zork' and 'the Boggit'. Anyway, that being said, I'll continue. I'll try and be constructive as possible, but please keep in mind that this isn't the kind of game I was expecting so I may not be your target audience.

For the record, I tried the first game, 'College Daze'. Had a bit of trouble accessing it, to be honest - if you use the Discord invite link a second time, it doesn't know what to do and you end up with a broken ! Writing Style The writing and grammar is fine, nothing wrong there except a very occasional spelling mistake, so you're probably doing OK. I'm not a fan of the second person voice used throughout the game though.

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I really don't like being told what I am, or do, or that I act in a particular way, it destroys the illusion of player agency. First person would be an improvement in my opinion as it feels less confrontational and more immersive - like I'm actually doing what is described rather than being told I'm doing it by some bizarre internal Morgan Freeman - but this may be subjective. With first person, it's more like you're making decisions for yourself, as if you're the PC's conscience, you're the one in control. Gameplay Notes I hated having to put 'ft' in front of every decision.

Is there some reason why it can't just be the of the choice, i. It's kinda annoying. The parser also seems quite slow, often pausing in the middle of a description for several seconds. I got really bored during the card game - I wanted it to be glossed over as quickly as possible once I'd decided to hold.

I'd have preferred good ol' Blackjack to Fatcat, since Gay furry text game never heard of the latter, and the former would have made for a shorter game. I also didn't see the need to have to type a 'continue' code when there were no decisions to make. It gay furry text game be lo better if you could just send an empty message to continue, so all you have to hit is 'enter' - not quite as good as 'press any key' but I'm guessing that wouldn't be feasible with a chat bot.

Don't know what you're programming in, so I can't give advice here. Story and Pacing I kinda felt I was being railroaded for most of the game. Too many decisions were either 'continue' or only presented a single choice, so I didn't have a lot of agency to decide who my character was or what he was like, or to find out more about the other characters.

I can't really comment much on the eroticism as I'm a heterosexual male so I'm not your target audience, but from a purely aesthetic perspective I'd say it has the right amount of florid language, imagery, descriptiveness and careful use of more raw, crass sexual language to be titillating, so I don't think you need to change much there, other than the ever-present 'type ft. Overall What I most wanted while playing the game is the ability to make more of an impact upon the story, and to choose who I wanted my character to be.

I didn't explore every single decision, but I get the feeling there were maybe two endings - the leopard and the caribou - but I never won that bloody card game and got bored of playing it pretty quickly, so I left it at that. I hope this is useful to you! This sounds super cool! I've always wanted to try text adventure games!! I'll make sure to download this later. Stuff Guest. Kik: Kik. Just played through College Daze and ended up with Ryne the caribou after not getting too far with Judee the bunny.

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I must not have made much of an impression on Judee as I was getting one-word responses in the end! Always loved old-school Infocom text adventures and this reminded me of those a bit in terms of the detailed descriptions minus the furry content of course! Another game this multi-choice system reminded me of was Troll's Tale by Sierra.

Anyway, good work, and I'm looking forward to replaying with different choices and trying out some of the other chapters too. Stuff said:. Just as a he up, you might want to remove that Link to Kik as it's now shutting down apparently. No problem. I'm just a natural critic, I'm afraid! Anyway I should probably thank you too, gay furry text game not for the games then for getting me back into writing IF again.

I'd kinda missed that. Taldrin New Member. I played through the latest adventure The Hound and the Fox and enjoyed it so much I made a walkthrough for it. Really good work on this game! Loved the fact that there were 2 slightly differing adventures based on whether the bus or the cab was taken. The other thing is our games have achievements now, and we've made a web application for people who don't wish to play through Telegram and Discord!

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Gay furry text game

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