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the hook up (game on #1) read online

Yes Other notes? The player character starts with a compulsory hetero marriage partner whom you allegedly have had children with, but Lord Harrow a man hits on a male player character too. Not only are you allowed to reciprocate as a male character, you are also allowed to tell your servant afterwards that it had become something more than physical. Other Notes? There are 2 player characters, one who is male on one who is female.

Each player character gets 2 romance options, one male and one female, totaling to 4 different romance options.

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A female player character can begin a romance with both the male romance interest and the female interest thereby making the female player character bi- or pan. However, the game will make you choose just one of the romance options to complete.

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One additional romance option is pan-sexual and can be romanced by both male and female player characters. Other notes?

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In the second game, the gay is implied, not directly stated just gals being pals! You go on dates with both of them together, snuggle them in front of each other, and as long as you balance your affection well, everyone is happy and you can get a special ending where the three of you stay together into the future. You control a genderless ball of light but can take human flesh of any gender to either torment or romance randomly generated humans.

Gay games tumblr

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