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What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Sex Games. Live Sex Cams. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter Nomo Start date May 24, Nomo Demon Girl Master. ed Aug 2, Messages Reputation score Last edited: Jan 7, Dideldidum Demon Girl Master. ed Jun 6, Messages Reputation score Re: Kingdom of Deception yay. Re: Kingdom of Deception ments said:. Keep Grim Reaper. ed Sep 12, Messages Reputation score Re: Kingdom of Deception Nomo said:.

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It's fixed now. Last edited: May 24, Thundras Jungle Girl. ed Jul 12, Messages 12 Reputation score 0. Sangera Jungle Girl. ed Aug 7, Messages 38 Reputation score 3. Ndsferrari Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion. ed Jun 11, Messages Reputation score 7. ed Aug 1, Messages Reputation score Keyen Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion. ed Feb 29, Messages Reputation score Great job anyway! Thundras said:. Sangera said:. Its released, so anybody who has it, how is it?

Ndsferrari said:.

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Can't wait to see Neve being "sexed" by every manner of living being and in every way possible. Keyen said:. So, basically, are you set on the technical level, or does some work is remaining beside adding content? May have missed something, but I don't think so. Dont read if you want to discover it yourself. If you don't, Sabia will be raped no matter what afterward.

If you do, the rape is avoided at the start. You can be raped by your saviors if you avoided the option "plead with them" before the first scene with raiders, then if you exausted every option with saviors until you could ask for a duel. Can't be happening if you were already raped once. Thanks to for pointing it. Only BJ so far. Several variations. You can talk to Neve so you can get another variation and more money New dialog option, if you dont have it, work more. The last variation is once you do it enough time after that.

He will crush you, except if you spared enough with basic orcs. In this case, you can ask him to remove his equipment. You can't fight him anymore in this version after. Dealing with the Captains: -Two gangbang hreinn games discord if you choose to ally with Tekrok. Choose "Impress Zealous orcs " with orc slave costume Armor, and "Impression drunk orcs" with Barmaid cloth. New scene in tents require energy. Nothing else. Membership ritual: -Game over if you fail the ritual. You can fail the first part if your energy is too low Require or moreand you can fail the second part if you lose the fight it's very hard to lose, he is complet garbage.

I don't think you can fail the 3rd part. Pick "Trust him" for a game over scene, "dont trust him" to be directly sent on the game over screen. Trial: -Game over scene if you are picking the "screw you orcs" choices one after another. Not sure how many are required, but it's hard to miss it if you are trying to get it. After that: -Automatic scene with Lynn, before the end of the current version. Also: -You can hreinn games discord with all three of them, two of them or one of them. Some answer will appear only if you allied with a given captain. You can say he was here during the attack or not.

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You don't have this part if you talked to him before. No idea what it changes for later, but it's here. No idea what is the real effect of that. You lose the option, but you can still manage. Pretty bad Last edited: Jul 28, Tijjanidreyar Jungle Girl. ed Nov 12, Messages 37 Reputation score 2.

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Exsalent Demon Girl Master. ed Aug 16, Messages Reputation score 3. That being said this time there is choises that mater what you get, money h-scener or someting else. Those choises can't be done in one play trhu i tied lol.

Not sure f this is bug but you can ally with all 3 cheiftains but only 1 them wil "activate" i think it will be one that you first allied with. Lastly sad to say but i don't think that this will become my new favorite visualnovel, its ok and nomos art is good like always but i feel like it lacks something. ed May 30, Messages Reputation score PeanutGallery Demon Girl Pro.

ed Sep 14, Messages Reputation score I've been looking forward to this for a while now. ed Jun 3, Messages 6 Reputation score 3. Just be sure to exhaust the other dialogue options with them without jumping for your sword.

There is an additional scene at the beginning where if you buy enough time to not get raped, without pleading to the orcs, you can duel and get raped hreinn games discord your saviors. Last edited: May 26, Pyran Demon Girl. ed Jul 4, Messages 55 Reputation score 2. Nomo: amazing art as always.

Kabokle Demon Girl. ed Oct 27, Messages 70 Reputation score 8. Good, intriguing decisions, Pleasurable dialogue to go through I'll continue supporting you guys for sure. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Hreinn games discord

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