Hypnosis games

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These are tricks that make the other person think you have power over them. This is what they call indirect hypnosis. These tricks can be used to amuse others or to improve your ability to hypnotize others. This is a set up trick that will work on everybody. After you do this trick, your subject will be more likely to fall for the other tricks.

Have them do the following:. You have now made them very likely to follow suggestions that are much more complicated. Just make sure you praise them along the way. Now hypnosis games to a more complicated test. To perform this trick you will need a string with a ball, coin, washer, etc tied to the end. Say the following to the test subject:.

Make sure as you are going through this exercise, that you give them time for the pendulum to move. If you direct them to move in a certain direction, but it goes in another, just switch suggestions. It should work however if they are focusing hypnosis games the pendulum. Also, this is the first trick in which your subject will believe you are controlling them.

Do the following:. This is a great trick. After this people will really believe in your powers of hypnosis.

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By believing, that makes hypnosis that much easier. Here I teach you how to trick someone into thinking you can control their body. Follow these steps:. Just say:. Nice work man, I am very glad to know some tricks like this. Hoping to send me some other tricks to my sir. Glad you liked it. I have tons of indirect hypnosis stuff. I have tons of other NLP tricks on my site. Many can be used more covertly in the real world.

You have to set the person up to except direction first. All hypnosis success is geared toward assuming the subject is responding to suggestion. I have a ton of other videos and articles on hypnosis, negotiation, etc. Thank you. It is fun to work with that topic. I plan on covering NLP further in the future. My friend made her sibling always remember of on the clock AM and Hypnosis games. Do you know if how she did that trick? I am hoping to provide something again and aid others like you helped me.

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I like that trick so much. I also attended some seminars about hypnosis in that Dr. But sir will you please tell me about the self hypnosis. Thanks in advance! It is very easy to do. It revolves around mantras more then anything else because that is the easiest way to enter into a trance while controlling the access to the subconscious.

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Hypnosis games

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