Konosuba game pc english

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Hello once again! Translated by NinetyTwo of Gungnir Heart with any additional work provided by myself, the. Like with In the Life! With the problem being that we, sadly, cannot get into the game and modify the names, quests, descriptions, and a few other things. As a result, those are still in Japanese. We have plans to continue to look into it but since the project has been completed for several months and, despite attempting several times before, we have still had no luck ourselves.

Keep in mind that this game is playable from start to finish and you are still able to fully enjoy this quirky and short story. Ladybug really konosuba game pc english themselves with this title, which pays tribute to MegaMan and Metroidvania styled titles as oppose to the old school RPG nature of In the Life!

While there is already a translated version out, this was something we had already planned on covering before the completion of In the Life! We also wanted to include a companion piece to make up for what no one has been able to translate in any other release.

NinetyTwo has translated every quest and shop description and I threw together a brief PDF with the English listing of those descriptions.

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Hello everyone! This is NinetyTwo from Gungnir Heart!

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It is amazing that this series went an extra step and made these games for the fans. Playing the game myself was much more difficult than the first.

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But it was fun nonetheless as I read the story and realized what kind of problems Kazuma was running into. Poor poor Kazuma. Giving me a great feel of how big and small projects should be handled.

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I sincerely hope that I can work on another game or the like in the future! If you have any questions or the like, you know where to contact me! As our second project, and being ificantly smaller than In the Life! Should you happen upon any issues or problems, please do not hesitate and reach out! A big special thanks to yuNS for their behind the scenes additional advice provided. EDIT : My sincerest apologies. For some reason, during the testing phase I had disabled comments when I had this up as filler and entirely spaced on re-enabling them once available.

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Konosuba game pc english

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