Labrats game

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Lab Rat presents itself as a puzzle game developed using machine-learning technology and showcases the hilarious flaws that result from such methods. This satirical puzzler stars a metrics-obsessed AI that will monitor, profile, and taunt you as you progress through more than eighty satisfying and supposedly algorithmically-generated puzzles.

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Your puzzle performance and survey response data will be fed to this theoretically unbiased machine, and shape its view of humanity. Outwit a metrics-obsessed machine intent on heckling you for your humanity.

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View and contribute to in-game analytics that are updated in real time with real player data. Avoid becoming another data point for the next tester's play-through!

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While Lab Rat alludes to the dangers of unchecked modern technology, the puzzles themselves are lovingly hand-crafted. Presskit available here.

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Lab Rat. You are being monitored, profiled, and judged in a world where your only interaction with other players is through the feedback they provide to the AI that is imprisoning you.

Labrats game

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Lab Rats Games