Mad doctors game

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The mad scientist has been an archetypal breed of character for years. Centuries, in fact. From Doctor Moreau to Doctor Giggles, the worlds of literature, television and film have been filled with scientists and surgeons who sport a Ph. D in crazy.

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Naturally, videogames are no different. In memory of some of gaming's most mental scientists and demented quacks, we present this humble list. They're all geniuses, but they're all completely over the rainbow. Read on as we take you on a tour through gaming's maddest mad doctors. From: Crash Bandicoot Speciality: Artificially stimulated evolution, putting pants on animals. Neo Periwinkle Cortex is the ultimate cliche. Bullied asCortex's ambition of world domination is driven by the ridicule he's suffered over the years.

Boasting a massive cranium matched only by his ego, and resplendent in the obligatory white lab coat, elbow-length rubber gloves, and evil beard of villainy, Cortex is everything a mad doctor should be. He's also quite, quite mad, as evidenced by the fact that he has an army of rapidly evolved animals that he thinks will help him rule Earth.

The big "N" plastered on his forehead probably isn't great evidence of emotional stability, either. Nefarious is the personification of self-loathing. His hatred of all living things pushed him over the brink of madness, despite the fact that he himself was once a biological life form. Fortunately, that's no longer a problem because he is now a robot and therefore free to pursue a genocidal war against the "squishiness and foul stench" of organic beings. In short, he's a complete lunatic who wants to disintegrate anything that isn't made of metal and rule a galaxy populated entirely by machines.

Pretty cuckoo, then. He himself is happy to admit that he went a little peculiar after he lost the ability to perform real surgery, but that's okay. A circular saw in the basement and a city full of soft female flesh is more than enough to make up for it. From: The Suffering Speciality: Curing the criminally insane, being criminally insane.

Killjoy is the classic lunatic running the asylum. Although he genuinely desires to fix the minds of the psychopaths on Carnate Island, his methods are said to be depraved not to mention often fatal and his current existence as a living memory who seeks to "cure" protagonist Torque hasn't seemed to do much for the man's sanity. Appearing throughout The Suffering as a sixteen millimeter film projection, Killjoy attempts to help the criminally mad doctors game in the only way he knows — by sending blinded freaks with swords for arms after them.

From: Guilty Gear series Specialty: Lacerating opponents with a six-foot scalpel while wearing a bag over his head. Okay, stay with us on this one: Faust — who is supposedly cm 11 feet, 9 inches tall — was originally named Dr Mad doctors game, and he was a genius of a physician. Current : 1. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more!

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Mad doctors game

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Mad Doctors