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A couple of decades ago, online piracy was a relative niche pastime enjoyed by relatively few people. Today, however, the landscape is dramatically different. Many pirates have become discerning consumers, demanding only the highest quality content neatly presented in fault-free or functionally-specific packages. While the original founders of The Pirate Bay were able to skillfully manage their reputations while being known by millions of pirates, Scene groups have taken a different approach.

By providing no useful information about themselves, it has mostly been difficult for pirate consumers to interact or even criticize them. However, when other pirates with a fresh outlook have dared to step into the spotlight more recently, the jarring glare of social media has presented a whole new set of problems. Unknown to the vast majority of pirates, these collectives have enjoyed a level of security by default.

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However, in more recent times, the ability to crack, release and distribute cracked content independently has lured some crackers much closer to the surface. As a result, they have become more accessible to fans and detractors alike, with serious security implications.

According to himthis happened at the behest of Irdeto — the new owner of the infamous Denuvo anti-tamper technology. Since then, EMPRESS has delivered ly Denuvo-protected titles as promised but somewhat bizarrely, these achievements have been accompanied by masses of superfluous drama. Why is it still not up? Well fuck that.

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The problems mentioned by FitGirl are actually just the tip of a very large iceberg but surprisingly few issues relate directly to the cracking of games. Somehow, the personality and divisive opinions of EMPRESS or simply those being presented online appear to be fueling the dramas upon which social media often thrives. And as usual, nothing good has come of it. Thre discussing EMPRESS have descended into chaos, with supporters jostling with detractors over the perceived size of the EMPRESS ego and whether or not some of her philosophical musings 123 are best aired on forums dedicated to cracking or somewhere else far, far away.

Either way, these issues have now become irretrievably entwined with her persona resulting in both hostility and an extremely toxic environment. Quotes verbatim. At the time of writing, no one apart from EMPRESS knows for sure whether the above statement is true, partially true, or indeed a complete fabrication.

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That having been said, it cannot be argued that any of this including what led to this statement is good for the games cracking scene. Apparently without Denuvo lifting a finger, a major player appears to have been forced out of the game, not by the most secure copy-protection system available today, but by a self-perpetuating grass-roots clash of personalities with a single pivotal mistake underpinning everything. The fact is that by becoming so accessible and able to the masses, games crackers and pirates of all kinds put themselves at risk.

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But for now at least, the damage appears to have been done, and who is to blame is irrelevant. The big question is whether the same mistakes will be made again.

Meet and fuck games torrent

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