Princess quest game

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Well the day has come, it was a little more difficult than I thought but the help of a good programmer and writer helped me to finish this first part. Log in with itch.

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So this game is approximately 3 minutes long and gives you absolutely no choice? The choices are fake.

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The same thing happens no matter what you choose. Art looks great, although the male narrator was surprisingly loud at times compared to the female voices.

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Also, I hope it was just because this seems like a preview of sorts, but all three choices that were given being false choices? Very bad look. Don't give me the choice to do or not do something and then just end up saying "you need to do it though".

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That kind of useless interactivity is incredibly annoying. If for example with the slimes it'd go "they're not that strong and drop valuable loot, are you sure you don't want to fight them? Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Princess Quest. Run game. More information. Comments Log in with itch. Scroopy days ago. Even if this is 1 of 3 parts, the entire game will take less than 10 minutes Super cringey and campy dialogue.

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Maybe that is what is being gone for though. Glaro days ago.

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Princess Quest