Reddit fappening 2.0

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When Kim Kardashian tried to break the internet in November, it was still still recovering from being broken a few months prior. Beginning on 31 Aug and lasting a few weeks, the internet was hit with an event that became known as the Fappening, a portmanteau of happening and fap, internet slang for masturbate.

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Ignition was triggered when these two posts of naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were submitted to their respective subreddits. It soon became known that someone had hacked the iCloud where a large of celebrities had stored private nude photos of themselves. Unperturbed by this breach of privacy, people demanded more. And more they received. Within the next few hours of the initial 2 posts, several other nude celebrity photos, including Kirsten Dunst, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kaley Cuoco, Yvonne Strahovski, much more Jennifer Lawrence and many others were posted to reddit.

Eventually, someone decided to name this event, and so it was dubbed The Fappening. The subreddit exploded instantly. With the first 24 hours, it amassedsubscribers.

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As it happened over the weekend, it bough an influx of people who weren't at work to the site. An influx that led to million views in one day. Over the next week, more naked photos mostly of Jennifer Lawrence kept getting posted. The site was continually going down because of the massive amount of traffic from all across the web. Discussion started popping up in thre all over the site about the morality of the event, whether it was stealing or not, and reddit fappening 2.0 on invasion of privacy, pleas for Emma Watson photos, and random accusations of reddit's hypocrisy. Eventually, the admins posted this.

Mirror subreddits pop up in droves instantly, and are all smited faster than they can be made. The admins quickly face a gargantuan amount of backlash due to accusation of censorship and only blocking unfavourable content when it makes reddit look bad in the media. The admins adopt a very diplomatic stance, taking care not to upset people more, but it only angers the horde more as the answers they want never come. Over the next week, people still try to hold onto hope that there will be another resurgence, and reddit got their wish.

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On Sep 20, a second batch of photos was released on 4chan, and then posted to reddit before they were quickly removed from the hosting sites. More photos followed in the days to follow, but as with all things, reddit slowly drifted its attention toward other things and The Fappening faded into the background, a memory of mixed feelings for the masses. Dont forget about reddit trying to donate money to JLaw's charity. I thought it was just a random charity that they picked and said it was on her behalf.

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It was a men-centric one too at that was it not? I love how Reddit will try to justify any terrible thing they do by trying to set up a charity drive. We're donating for a good cause! We can't be doing anything bad! This barely even touched the surface, there were so many nuances and things going on. It was quite the phenomenon. For such a short lived It's kinda hard for me to document every discussion from every thread about it.

Do you see my point? Describing every single minutiae of the entire thing would be pointless, and it would also take several years to track down all the links. The Lord may have taken robin on the 11th, but he gave us the greatest day in Internet history on the 31st.

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This is even more confusing to me about the abbreviation JLaw being thrown around. Would a write up about how this was not an iCloud hack, be outside the scope of this thread? The Fappening. Posted by Reddit Historian. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Follow the link where I talk about it being named. He's a pom.

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Reddit fappening 2.0

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