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I just want a nice list of quality games. I already know about Furcadia and Second Life, just want a dump of some really good games.

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I let the dev know about the glitch though and he said he'd work on it in the next patch. It's kind of a dating sim, but it's got a lovely story behind it: Morenatsu. Conker's bad fur day, starfox, kingdom hearts, sonic the hedgehog, crash bandicoot.

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Played most of these, except for Conkers. Know how I can get it if I don't own a Nintendo 64? Overgrowth, beta right now, but it still kicks ass, its a fast pace Hand to Hand combat game, you can play as a cat, wolf, or your choice of bunnies theres a lot of freaking bunnies.

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I second this! This is from the guy who also runs the humble indie bundle. Also you get a badass experimental shooter with uber realistic weapons if you preorder overgrowth, so it's two for one indie goodness. Just wanted to say Overgrowth truly looks amazing! I love the developer dairies they make to keep the fans and community updated Personally I think the graphics and combat system truly blows away other games like Antilia which just don't appeal to me. It's a great game with a very good story in a really awesome world full of floating islands and shit.

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You can also make a wolf or fox or something like that. Hell, you can make anything you want. List of good furry games? Sort by: best.

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Dust: An Elysian Tail. Also Blade Kitten. Mine got broken at the last part. I can't finish it now. God i need this game What's it about? Continue this thread. Sounds good, I'll check it out! River Otter! What is this for?? I'll take a look! Black Fox. Champions Online Free for All. Hmmmm, I'll check it out! No Ratchet and Clank so far? For shame! I'm also having fun with the Charr in Guild Wars 2. More posts from the furry community. For all stuff fluff. Created May 26, Top posts september 4th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top.

Reddit furry games

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