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Just a bugfix and balance update. Nothing particularly flashy here, but I wanted to get this out of the way before moving on to new content. Log in with itch. What is the music that plays in the western tower? I tried digging through the official soundtrack in every game listed in the credits but still could not find it. I didn't really know what to expect when I saw the game.

I was absolutely blown away. The concept of expansion based status effects is very fun. The characters are all really charming. Do you know when the next update might be out? I just stumbled onto this game and wasn't honestly expecting very much. A lot of demos I see are generally pretty rough, and have a hard time distinguishing themselves as a diamond in the rough.

Boy was I surprised.

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This game you've got clearly has a great deal of thought and passion put into it, and it's come together brilliantly. Nearly a dozen playable characters, all with interesting unique skill sets, personalities, and endearing dialogue to really make the characters stand out and likeable.

The combat is very well paced, quick and to the point, while still feeling impactful. It comes across as odd to me how little vore seems to be involved in a game called "the big fat vore rpg vore game. It's limited to the primary antagonist, a couple bosses, and the rare enemy type. I'm especially surprised none of the playable characters commit any vore themselves.

The enemies are sentient sweets and candy and what not, but none of the player characters take advantage of that. Also, yeah, most of the vore is gonna be happening offscreen as Leanne steadily depopulates the castle. I don't know how far you are in the game, but Kass is able to learn a skill that'll allow her to straight up eat enemies. So there's that! You take all the time you need to update the game. Although do you have like a twitter? I'd like to follow the progress on the game if possible. This game is seriously brilliant and creative.

I love all the subtle intricacies, like how Expansion Statuses are mutually exclusive, allowing you to inflict party members with one to protect them from others.

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I think it's really neat how party members compliment one another with their abilities, and it's fun to adapt your strategy on the fly based on which statuses are in play. At it's current difficulty, the game can essentially be brute forced without playing around with statuses or team comps, but wouldn't rpg vore game much rather style on your enemies-- turning them to blueberries and buffing your party's knowledge before unleashing a massive wipe on the next turn?

It makes me wish for a challenge mode which demanded that kind of forward thinking. Imagine a cruel and unforgiving castle which removes the healing aspect of the crystals and limits the amount of status clearing items such as deflators and dejuicers, or has enemies acting more frequently in combat with more impactful moves. There would be no escaping Caer and Company's bloated fate! I would definitely recommend this game for its strong and satisfying combat.

The tone is mostly lighthearted with a few moments where the party feels shock or despair, though it's an enjoyable romp with characters that grew on me. The setting feels very much alive as areas you visit see their NPCs later succumbing to the castle's influence, creating a sense that the game's antagonist is always closing in. Looks and sounds like a fun and sexy game.

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If im not mistaken the menu looks like its made rpg maker, if so could someone tell me what version? Also if anyone wanted to know you can play it on android if you use joiplay and download the vx ace plugin. Am looking forward to seeing the update. Also take on the time that you need because a wiseman once said "You can't rush art.

Keep up the good work. I'm supporting you on patreon. I will be waiting patiently waiting. Sorry if im apart of he mass of people pestering you. As someone who stumble onto this gem unexpectedly, I would just like to say I love it. The characters are rpg vore game enjoyable and the gameplay mechanics fun and interesting. My way with words is bad but I really adore this creation of yours. This game is Fun and Funny! The characters in this game I love Kass, She like my 1 in this game! Sorry for being my very smart self i forget the need for emotions sometimes but i remember now so here is my review.

Game play and Story: I put theses together because they are the highest at a high 9 which is almost to a ten. Controls: they were fine but a little snappy which made the game lag a little on my old laptop but still i like simple which it is simple. This is a masterpiece so overall your score Is a High nine out of ten rpg vore game this is only out of my preference where i like lewd games above all else but you did make it well rounded so that's why this game is super good.

I found this game on accident and it wasn't expecting much. I was totally blown away by the game's brilliance. It's fun to play, the characters are amazingly written and the game overall feels like it was made with genuine passion, which is hard to find these days.

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Good on you, Rocketshark! The gameplay is similar to that of other RPGs, but the whole premise of the story and the presence of status effects like "Fat" and "Blueberried" keep it just refreshing enough to still be fun. And the characters, for me, are absolutely the best part of the game.

They're all well-written, cute and fun. Even the main character, Caer is greatly written, when most RPGs make the protagonist a blank slate, so great job on that! Caer is bestest and cutest girl, she is precious and deserves a hug for her efforts in the castle. I will be awake for awhile so you can tell me on this comment how is this awesome game doing. I am on my phone right now but gonna switch to PC to review but while I am switching did you rpg vore game the problem I showed you since you would want the choice if you want challenge also to appeal to the hardcore players.

I'm back so when you get the time if you can give me report that would be delightful but take your time. I will be watching so bye. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older rpg vore game Return to itch.

A downloadable game for Windows. More information. Status In development Platforms Windows Rating. Install instructions Just download the exe, extract the folder, and run the game. That's it. Download Download the big fat vore rpg public demo 0. Comments Log in with itch. Tizuky days ago. View more in thread. Shazuki days ago. SqueakyMattie days ago. I can't play it because it's missing VL Gothic font, need help. Thank you for the kind words! I'm real glad you enjoyed the game! I;m just excited for this new update. I can't play it because it's missing VL Gothic font.

I need help asap. WeabooSatan 1 year ago. I hope this title continues to see updates from its creative and talented developer!

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