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When thinking of multiplayer games on the Wii, one might go for the easy examples of Wii Sport Resortand Wii Party as they're enjoyable and played by many. Or, you might go for the obscure ones that are best left forgotten. Either way, you probably weren't thinking of Ubisoft's upcoming party game: We Dare.

Developed by Ubisoft Milan, We Dare features a selection of challenges that are probably more fun when played slightly drunk.

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Judging from the cringe-inducing trailer, players will be getting more intimate than a crammed bus, and spanking each other silly until sporadic bursts of awkward laughter replace the initial embarrassment that's probably hanging in the air. Sexy, quirky, hilarious, innovative and kinky are all things We Dare hopes to be when it launches sometime this year; although how many of those adjectives are accurate remains to be seen. Why don't you watch the teaser trailer below and tell us what you think?

Portistabefore you post again, please check your e-mail. That's how me and my friends play every game on the Wii. Thank God you can wash Wiimote jackets. Move a side Sexy Poker, there a New sexy game in town :. Really, Ubisoft? EDIT: Ignore the above statement.

This is the spiritual sequel to Nintendo's new game Wii Spank. Since the normal video's blocked in my country due to copyright problems, I watched this version. Pod Plant the idea in the user's mind. Just when Sexy spanking games thought shovel-ware couldn't get any worse, Ubisoft goes out of their way to invent a new low. Gaming is an expanding medium, and it's nice to see that naughty games now isn't just for lonely perverts, but also perverts with pals!

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That is probably the weirdest thing I have ever seen I do believe they want to turn this into a sort of "foreplay" video game. I feel slightly embarassed I own a Wii now Unbelieveable, Sexy Poker 2 has become a reality! I can't wait to play We Dare on Move! And who said the Wii was only for. No surprise this isn't being released in America. I guess 8th graders will just be stuck spinning bottles.

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That was odd. This is only known to come out in the europe so far no North American confirmation yet. They were both immature and stupid. However, I don't want to turn this news post sexy spanking games a flaming ground, so if you really want to argue about it, make a thread on NL or me my is v. WaltzElf The problem with this is that it is not made for teenage virgin geeks who do not understand that "adult fun" can also be other than a Resident Evil game. Kind of, y'know, a valid thing to comment about on a site that reviews video games.

Aside from some silly jokes not exactly out of place on NL, either nobody really seems to care about the content, let alone be upset by it. More Shovelware!!!!!! Maybe the rumours of the Wii being close to the end of its lofe are true if that's what the devs are resorting too.

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Tap here to load 43 comments. Hold on there, you need to to post a comment This is a joke, right? What are they thinking?!

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The question is, how to reach it. This will be huge in Japan. I could not finish that trailer. It was to stupid.

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I felt embarrassed just watching that My eyes! They burn! The problem with this is?

Sexy spanking games

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