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Here is some creepy vampire Flash for all you people who like vampires! Play All Videos. Bleed: Vampire Awakening by Vermillion2. Rob and Adrian are tricked into watching a terrible movie called 'Twilight'. Play Video Playing The sexy adventure of a vampire and a girl taking a stroll admist the nightlife. Twilight: The Broodening by guywiththecoat. A parody of the movie Twilight, with emphasis on its many plot holes. Forsaken - Episode 1 by D3vilsheep.

Hellboy stop a werewolf from feasting on a hooker. We need a werewolf collection. Bloodsucker by spacejelly. A demon hunter is commissioned to slay a vampire and his minions. Chronicles of the Slayer by ChromeShark. Vampire Tales by RayManabe. There's plenty of blood and gore in this well animated Halloween treat!

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VampireHunter Ina 2 by ImageNation. Cooking with James: ep. James, the vampire hosts his own cooking show.

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This time with a St Patrick's Day contest. Bleed: Vampire Awakening2 by Vermillion2. Dracula by Martiniband.

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Dracula tries to get some soul food from the pizza delivery boy! Vampire Legends by Neozac. The Undead by noiserover. Vampire's Hunter ll by brockanimations. In the year of 20XX, the world has been destroyed. These guys are all that is left. CCC City.

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Everyday stories and adventures from CCC: The city of opportunities. Contemplating Reiko. Reiko is a perfectly normal red-eyed, pointy-eared, sadistic little demon girl. Wall Art by.

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Vampire Hunter