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EA and Z Corporation add a whole new dimension to Spore with the announcement of Spore Sculptures, custom 3D figurines created from your unique Spore creature creations.

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Players need simply use the Spore Creature Creator to de their life form, paint it however they like, and then the creation to www. I know what you're thinking I contacted EA, who told me that while Z Corp will allow users to any creature file, they will cancel any orders for creatures they deem inappropriate.

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Sorry spornographers - you're stuck with clay for the time being. Maxis, an Electronic Arts Inc. The flexibility of the in-game creation tools allows an almost limitless variety of Spore Sculptures. To create a Spore Sculpture, players de their creature using the Spore Creature Creator with hundreds of flexible drag-and-drop body parts and a virtually infinite of possible configurations.

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Players can then digitally paint their creatures with unique patterns. Once the creatures are complete, players their digital creations to www. The ZPrinted models up to 4 inches tall will be shipped directly to consumers.

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Released to worldwide critical acclaim in September, Spore is a game that lets people tap their inner creativity and build their own personal universe, evolving life from a single-cell organism to a galactic god over hundreds of millions of years. Gamers de a species and guide it to sentience, then help it build a society, develop its culture, and ultimately explore an infinite cosmos of worlds created by other players.

Crossing from the virtual to physical worlds is a popular trend in merchandising for the gaming industry. Spore Sculptures will be a dramatic addition sporn game Spore T-shirts, playing cards and comic books. Yeah they are missing out on a TON of sales by refusing to do naughty creations. You know there's a lot of folks out there who would love to have a spiked, anthropomorphic penis statue on their desks.

The A. By Mike Fahey.

Sporn game

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