Summers birthday game

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Summertime and the parties are easy—especially birthday parties! With great weather, water and a little creativity, you can have tons of fun in the sun. Sit down, grab a popsicle and prepare to take your party to the next level with inspiration we found from the best party planning pros out there. Party Ahoy! Even landlubbers will have a splash at a sea-worthy sailboat-themed party. Fun activities like boat races and fishing will keep your guests occupied, and snacks like adorable octopops add an extra festive touch.

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Set sail for Just Add Confetti for inspiration and how-tos. What's waiting at the end of the rainbow? A fantastic outdoor birthday party. Rainbows make for a natural outdoor party theme that's easy to pull off with brightly colored decor, Skittles-sprinkled desserts and a rainbow pinata. Take a cue from everyone's favorite day in elementary school summers birthday game host a field-day themed party.

Tug-of-war, relay races and wheelbarrow races: it's easy to put together fun activities for this party. It practically plans itself! If you need more ideas and want to add to the classic field day events, check out our favorite family-friendly outdoor games that are easy to repurpose for a field day birthday party or take a look at this fantastic toddler field day.

Add an extra dose of color with an outdoor art party. Set up big canvases l ike the ones shown above —or just tape butcher paper to the fence—and let your guests' inner Picassos come out. We've rounded up all the supplies you need to throw an artsy bash, including painter's palate cupcakes, here.

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Take that drippy, messy, delicious treat outside with an ice cream sundae-themed party. Fun decor like this tissue paper sundae adds a festive touch, and an ice cream sundae bar will give all your guests the chance to load up on their favorite toppings. Eat up the best ice cream sundae tips here.

With flowers blooming, summer is the perfect time for an outdoor tea party. We love the floral fabric and vintage teacups at this festive party. Add a whimsical activity and turn the party into a fairy garden with a fairy house craft.

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Check out The Garden Spo t for more fairy tale tea ideas and find our fave tea time snacks here. Summer is berry season, and so it's natural to throw a sweet berry-themed bash. Bright red touches make this party fabulous and will put a smile on any fruit lover's face.

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Hello Wonderful will show you just what to pick to throw your own berry bash. Get out into the great outdoors with a summer-camp-themed birthday party complete with a delicious s'mores cake.

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We love the clever merit badge activities that Alison of Just Add Confetti dreamed up for her son's fifth birthday. Bonus: you can use her free printable for your own party. Find out all the details at Just Add Confetti. Score lo of points with a soccer-themed birthday party. Get inspired by this soccer-themed party over at Catch my Party —jerseys double as decoration and plastic trophies are full of munchies.

Plus, the activity is a total no-brainer. Up for a game of soccer, anyone?

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Kori Clark transforms soft blooms in coordinating colors into a fresh, beautiful take on the standard princess party. Pick a color palette and just add lots of flowers, homemade and otherwise. A summers birthday game extra-mile details like a sunscreen station and asking parents to bring a change of clothing make for a cool party on a hot summer day. Another idea to throw in for good measure?

Bonus: parents will thank you at the end of the night think pooped-out kids falling straight into slumber! A family-friendly flick, munchable sides of popcorn and a basket of blankets for when the night cools down complete the ingredient list for an awesome outdoor birthday movie night.

Wondering what you'll need? Check out our party guide and our picks for the best movie night gear! This easy homemade bubble recipe by Happy Hooligans is sure to cause some bubble mania with the most gigantic bubbles ever! Pair the recipe with different kinds of wands, have towels on hand and let the suds take over. This might just be the perfect opportunity to introduce the kiddos to your favorite '70s playlist Bee Gees, anyone?

Chaotically Creative gives inspiration for helping party-goers get their groove on. A market full of fresh fruit in vibrant ripe colors is the perfect inspiration for your organic farmers-in-training to celebrate a birthday—or at least excuse to nosh on something other than candy, as Eye Heart Pretty Things so beautifully demonstrates.

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Summers birthday game

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Birthday Party Games Perfect For Summer