The fappening forums

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Masturbators with a penchant for revenge porn may be in for a taste of their own medicine. According to analysis from security researchers at Malwarebytes Labs, thefappening. The site is a legacy of an incident in in which untold s of individuals excitedly shared nude photos of female celebrities, most of which had been hacked from their iCloud s. Earlier this year, Ryan Collins pleaded guilty to a hack matching the description of the fappening—though the Department of Justice refused to explicitly confirm his role, if any, in the celebrity hack.

Collins faces a recommended 18 months in prison. In December, the site was hit with a major data breach. According to security researcher Troy Hunt, somes were exposed, revealing names, s, gender, and date of birth of those masturbators.

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Hunt indicated some government employees even used their government addresses to register. According to security researcher Chris Boyd, that malware is often pretty thinly veiled.

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Boyd noted that visitors to thefappening. Many of sites, which mimic official organizations, feature comically overwrought messages: The background of one such site is stamped with the U. And there may be even more malvertisements on the site. Some forums are still actively updated, while others have languished since the frenzy of Analytics sites vary wildly in their estimates of how many daily visitors the site receives, though most figure tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

Perhaps his hands were busy.

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Illustration: Diana Quach. By Kevin Collier.

The fappening forums

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Visitors To Major ‘Fappening’ Forum Exposed to Malware