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Well, I was mistaken as what we have here is a lewd visual novel that has some hot and steamy XXX action for you. It is also a rather short visual novel; you are probably looking at five hours max to see all the game has to offer and I actually see that as a good thing. The main character in the game is a college guy who has been away from home for a while now.

While he does have a girlfriend, he notices his aunt who was his first-ever crush is hotter than ever. Not to mention his mom as well that he has a thing for.

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Yes, this is an incest style of visual novel so if that is not your thing you will probably not get much out of this. There are four main girls that have a lot of story to dig into and a few side ones as well. The story is not bad or anything and it is easy to follow, but nothing really made me say wow.

While what girl you like best will be all down to personal preference. The aunt is my favorite by a mile, but all of the visit game ladies in this game have something special about them. I liked the variety of the girls and think it is something that made me want to play through the game more than once. It is done very well and it adds a bit more spice to the many different sex scenes that the game has for you to discover. The sound is the only thing from the presentation I am not too keen on.

They repeat way too often and the sounds the dude makes when he is getting laid are pretty weird. The first time I just went with the flow and used my own judgment when it came to the choices. What I noticed was that it did actually feel like the choices I was making were making a difference to the way things play out. At the end of the day, this is all you the visit game ask for in a visual novel. The second time I played the game, I did use a walkthrough as there was a particular girl that I wanted to make sure I ended up with. It does not take too long to get through and if you did want to see all of the endings, it would probably not take you all that long.

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I would say it is slightly above average and the fact that the aunt was smoking hot is probably the thing I liked best about the game. It does not ask too much of your time and it is well-made so you do not have to worry about crashes or getting stuck in a story segment with no way out.

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