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Any sites you all know of that have torrents for VR games? Edit: Thanks for all the posts that shame me and call me a fucking moron for not reading the pinned post, but I was just asking for torrent site recommendations, not how to use the Rookie side loader app. Way to make a new user of the sub feel welcome lol. Here's a recommended tip that almost everyone here will tell you.

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Read the pinned post. If you would have read it before posting you would have potentially answered your own question. No garunteed torrent link for every game but theres not 9 part download bs. You can use rookies sideloder, here a how to guide in Spanish but works perfect.

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If you the vrpirates discord. This is basically a file sharing platform where you can download all of the cracked games available. Is there a site that houses a great collection of torrents for VR titles? Posted by 3 months ago. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread. Yes read the FAQ and yes it is Torrent-like. Thanks for the info.

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Resilio did the trick for me in the pinned post. What an entitled piece of shit. For asking a simple question, cool, thanks.

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Torrent vr games reddit

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Can you play pirated VR games with the Oculus Link? (Oculus Quest connected with Oculus Link)